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Budapest escort guideHungary Escort Guide

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Escorting Facts Hungary

EQI (Escort Quality Index) escort in budapest
Legal Status Legal
Average Cost of 12 hour Booking 1200 EUR
Standard of English Medium
Local Currency Forint (HUF)
1 ā‚¬ = 270 HUF
1 $ = 190 HUF
Escorting Currency EUR, USD
Calling Code +36
Internet TLD .hu

Hungary Overview

Reasons to visit and party in Budapest

Budapest is simply the ultimate European "sin city". Prostitution in Hungary has been legalized and regulated by the government since 1999.

Hungarian escort girls are very open-minded, beautiful and fun, Budapest is crowded with ladies of all kinds and offer any experience. From girls just starting up, to plenty of ladies that have appeared in porn movies, plus there is a great supply of Slovak and Czech beauties as travel to the "Bangkok of Eastern Europe" is easy and regular. You can get here a great quicky with XXX movies stars, lovely young lolitas, or you can spend your time in one of the many strip bars...there is always something to do!

The Hungarian Escorting Scene

Prostitution is legal and regulated. Supply is massive so there is plenty to choose from. Although prostitution is legal, owning an escort agency is illegal so to get the best service, I would recommend to choose a well reviewed independent escort lady (even a porn star, that you can see her performance in adult movies) or a recognised and recommended escort agency.

If you are struggling to find a Hungarian lady of your liking, try ladies from neighbouring countries - Slovakia or Czech Republic. As there is a great supply, you can get a great price as well.

What else to do?

There are event agencies that are able to make the impossible happen. Try the VIP strip club for typical hot hungarian food. Rent the strip club just for your self, enjoy some manly shooting games, fast cars and after all that excess, do not forget to visit one of the many spas...(more on Budapest Pissup)

Top Courtesans for Hungary

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Budapest Escort Guide

escorts in Budapest

Budapest is a handsome, busy and cosmopolitan city on the Danube. World-class restaurants, spas and hotels make it the most modern destination in Central Europe, and the weak currency makes it very good value for a weekend trip.

Reasons to do business there

Budapest was a thriving business destination until the financial crisis hit. A Swiss franc-fuelled property bubble broke hard in 2008, and the country has experienced a steep decline in it's economic prospects. Unlike Greece, it has it's own currency, which has helped it a bit, but the government can't really be trusted with foreign investors money, so be very careful doing business in Hungary at the moment.

Best Escorting Hotels in Budapest

Best Restaurants in Budapest

Best Bars/Cafes in Budapest

Must see....

  • In 1987 Unesco decided to include the Castle District and the Danube embankment in their World Heritage programme. It's a very romantic place to enjoy an afternoon stroll.

Adult fun in Budapest


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