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Switzerland Geneva Zürich escort guideSwitzerland Escort Guide

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Escorting Facts Switzerland

EQI (Escort Quality Index) escort schweiz
Legal Status Legal
Average Cost of 12 hour Booking 1300 CHF
Standard of English Good
Local Currency Swiss Franc (CHF)
€1 = 1.16 CHF
$1 = 0.82 CHF
Calling Code +41
Internet TLD .ch

Switzerland Overview

Reasons to Do Business There

Low taxes, minimal financial bureaucracy and a strong Swiss Franc (CHF) make Switzerland an attractive destination for storing your wealth.

At the time of writing however (summer 2011), the strong CHF is beginning to threaten the Swiss export-based economy.

Reasons to Play There

Switzerland is a clean, beautiful microcosm of Europe, with multiple languages, beautiful scenery, and cities which have barely changed in centuries. Whether you seek sports, culture or cuisine, Switzerland is the ideal destination for those who can afford to experience it.

The Swiss Escorting Scene

Prostitution is legal, and the professionalism of the agencies and independents is of a high standard, especially in the French-speaking part.

The bordello end of the market is clearly marketed as such, which allows you to differentiate between the different experiences on offer. If you order an escort in Switzerland, you can expect a high standard. Although the choice on offer might not be large, this reliability gives Switzerland a 4-star rating.

escort schweiz

The close proximity to Germany means it is also easy to bring in high-class escorts from Switzerland's norhtern neighbour.

Top Courtesans for Switzerland

Escort international

Marina Evans


Elite Escort Vienna

Sofia Ivanova

VIP luxury model

Elite Escort Vienna



Zurich Escort



Zurich Escort Guide

escort in Zürich

High Finance, a compact yet cosmopolitan city, and plenty of high-class escorts make the Swiss business capital the perfect place to mix business with pleasure.

Reasons to do Business There

Where to start? Zurich is the nerve center of the Swiss finance industry, as well as being home to some important industrial firms. Remember that most tax in Switzerland is paid at the Kantonal level, so if the 15% tax rate is too much for you, down the road is the 0% Tax Kanton of Schwyz.

But is there anything to do?

Oh yeah. If you like sports, there is plenty to occupy you in both summer (rollerblading in the streets, boating on the lake) and winter (skiing, snowboarding and even horse racing!). Once you factor in a top cultural scene, good restaurants and lively clubs and bars, the only thing that can slow you down is the exchange rate.

What is the Escorting Scene like?

Pretty good. There are a number of reasonably reliable agencies in town, but the independent scene is probably the better choice for longer, "courtesan" meetings. The big German agencies always have some ladies within easy reach as well. As always, the ladies listed below are reliable choices for a classy encounter.

What is the Local Specialty?

If you are into this sort of thing (I am not), visit one of the Swiss "cabaret" clubs where girls dance for an audience, and will talk to you for overpriced champagne. If you like each other, you can make arrangements to "go elsewhere".

Escort-friendly Hotels in Zurich

Best Restaurants in Zurich

  • Those wacky Swiss: Blindekuh Dining in complete darkness has it's pluses and minuses. Pros: The private part of your date can begin at the dinner table. Cons: Your soup will get on your suit, no matter how hard you try.
  • Indian: King's Kurry Best curry in continental Europe.
  • Vegetarian: Hiltl
  • Thai: Blue Monkey
  • Out of town: Schloss Wulflingen Family-run restaurant. Excellent food, and the staff will make you and your date feel extra special.

Best Bars/Cafes in Zurich

Must see....

  • Take the train up the Uetliberg mountain for amazing views of the city and the lake.

Featured Advert

High Class Bordellos in Zurich


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Courtesans Available in Zurich

Elite Escort Vienna



Escort in Zurich



Zurich Escort

Michelle Grossmann


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Geneva Escort Guide

Last Updated by Philip Schwarz on July 19th 2011
escort in geneva

Mountains, water and some excellent local agencies make Geneva a worthwhile destination for travelling escorting hobbyists.

Reasons to do Business There

Zurich may host the biggest financial players in Switzerland, but Geneva is home to the smaller, more discreet boutique banks which the country is best known for. The United Nations also has a large presence in the city.

Reasons to Play There

Geneva is a small city surrounded by Lac Leman on one side and the French Alps on the other, and is a picturesque playground for lovers of the outdoors all year round.

What is the Escorting Scene like?

For such a small city, the scene is excellent, particularly the agencies. The legal situation in France means respectable agency operators are based here. If you are in Lyon or Grenoble and need a high-class escort, then your best choice is to use the Geneva agencies.

Escort-friendly Hotels in Geneva

Best Restaurants in Geneva

Best Bars/Cafes in Geneva

Must see....

  • The Old town - Beautiful buildings, narrow streets, and boutique private banks.

High Class Bordellos in Geneva


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