Euro Courtesans Links & Free Listing Program

Euro Courtesans Free Link Exchange Program

Our Banners

Place one of the banners below on your Homepage/links page (please see our 'How To' on the right) and link it to our Homepage:-

If you wish to hotlink (the banner will be stored on our server, not yours), you must use the HTML code (found under these banners).


If you wish to hotlink, you can copy/paste the code in this box directly to your Homepage/links page (please see our 'How To' on the right).

Once the HTML is on your site, it should look like this:

OK, That's Done. What Next?

Now make sure your site complies with the rules on the right, decide where you want to be listed, then use the submission form below to send me the request.

You can also just send me an email with your URL and where you would like to be listed.

How To Exchange Links With Us (It's Free!)

We are always happy to give you a free listing on, so long as your website is related to High-class Escorting, and you follow a few rules:

  • You must have your own domain name. That means WE DO NO ACCEPT websites from,, or any other free website builder. You can use Moonfruit if you use their premium packages and get your own domain name.
    If you need a quality, good value escorting website with the best marketing in the business, I recommend that you visit these guys, who built this website.

  • Your website must not use fake pictures. If you use pictures of Miranda Kerr, Kelly Brook or some other model, we won't list your site, but we may laugh about you on our blog. Your website can use stock photography (we do that too), but stock photos can't be presented as being pictures of escorts.

  • If you have already have links on your homepage, then you must link to us from your homepage. If you don't have any links on your homepage, but have a links page, you must links to us from one of the top 10 links on your links page.

  • You must use either one of the banners on the left and link it to our homepage, which is or use the HTML linking code on the left which does all this for you. If you wish to hotlink (where the banner is stored on our server, not yours, you must use the HTML code).

  • You must keep linking to our Homepage. My tech wizards run a clever program every few days which checks if our link appears on your site. Now and again, it will find a site where the link seems to have been removed. I will then check your site manually, and if I can't find our link on your site, I will remove your site from Eurocourtesans.

All good? Great! Now you must decide where you want your free listing to appear. If you are an escort or agency, you will probably want to be listed on one of our country guides.

If you prefer, you can also be listed right here on this links page.

OK, so once you have placed the banner or code to your Homepage/Links page, and decided where you want to be listed, please send us an email and let me know where you linked to us and where you wish to be listed, or just use the submission form on the left.

I look forward to welcoming you on Eurocourtesans!

Philip Schwarz