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Pickup: Seduction of Men

Posted on December 30, 2012 by admin under Eurocourtesans News, Uncategorized

Every escort girl knows practically everything about the art of flirtation, but it is not enough to win the heart of a man. Escort girls need the wide range of different tricks and hints to gain the respect and adoration of the man. So today we are going to speak about pickup. The female pickup is the art which is hidden even more than the male pickup. It is connected with that such behavior of escort lady is considered indecent. And still there are some secrets of pickup…

Effective method of seducing the man is pickup.

If thousands of articles, trainings and researches are devoted to the pickup of women, the pickup of men unfairly remains in the shadow. It is unfair! Because all escort ladies also want to tempt and seduce. The scientists have conducted a small research and it they found out that there are a lot of schools and trainings that provide information and practicing how to pick up men. The instructors are men.

The female pickup is the real science, and it is even more difficult than the male pickup. Because the male pickuper usually pursues the aim how to incline the escort girl to sleep with him, female pickupers are divided into those who look for one-time sex and those who seek the long-term relations. The techniques and methods of pickup are differs according to these two aims.

Nevertheless, there are also general principals which are important for both types pickup. So, let us look through the secrets which pickup experts can share with us.

If we speak about the hair of escort ladies, they have to be long, and it is not very important what the quality is. The long earrings are more preferable.

The posture and bearing are very important. It is very sensual and attracts men’s attention. If the escort woman sits down in such a way, the man absolutely involuntarily will look at her. She should have slightly mydriatic pupils, rosy face skin, short skirt, long legs and shoes on high heels.

Grace of the escort woman and her manners are very important for pickup. For example, it is very pleasant when the escort woman doesn’t twitch, but calmly strokes a hand. Also language of body and gestures, level of pheromones are important. So, when we like someone, the body starts to emit a large quantity of pheromones.

The main target of pheromones is that it changes some physiological indicators. The pupils became mydriatic, eyes start shining, and lips swell. As a result, the escort girl becomes more attractive, and it evokes the interest of men. This is frequently recommended by escort photographers who make great photos! Just look at the photos of elite escort agency City Butterflies at – you will notice the technique is often employed by the girls. By the way, there are many ways to increase the level of pheromones. For example, during a long period you can drink a St. John’s Wort glass a day or drink stimulating beverages, coffee, tea, alcohol, or eat chocolate. Also physical exercises, imagination will help to increase the level of pheromones and to help to become more attractive to men.

The breast of the escort is also important. But breast has to be moved a little forward. If the escort girl can not go in such a way, it will not attract men’s attention.

When the escort lady laughs together with the man she likes, it will help to become closer. Using it, it is possible to tempt the man.

Gestures. To be more feminine, it is possible to put hands in pockets. Thus, you open the breast.

It isn’t necessary to speak about problems, about the use of alcohol or drugs.

Use these secrets of pickup and win the hearts of men you like!

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