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European Escorts’ Standards and Statistics: Differences and Similarities of Companionship Services in Europe

Posted on March 21, 2014 by admin under Eurocourtesans News, Uncategorized

Nowadays different countries and cultures have diverse relation to adult services. Some countries consider it as a normal phenomenon and a legal type of business activity, others — as a violation of law or even a crime. Almost all countries of European countries refused an absolute prohibition of adult services, because they have recognized it ineffective.

According to the review of Associated Press in 2010, providing adult services is forbidden in the following European countries outside the CIS: Albania, Iceland, Lithuania, Norway, Romania, Sweden and all countries of the former Yugoslavia. In the rest of European countries it is partially legal (with a list of restrictions set by the national legislation of the specific country). According to Wikipedia, escorting and providing adult services are legal and governmentally regulated in eight European countries: the Netherlands, Turkey, Germany, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and Latvia.

The Netherlands and Germany are further than all other European countries in the way of legalization of escorting — in these countries providing adult services is a legal type of business included into the tax system and the social security. However, having analyzed the experience of the previous years, the authorities of these countries incline to such type of business is quite specific and it needs certain restrictions. But in the countries where the legislation of providing adult services was restrained (for example, France and Italy where brothels are forbidden since 1946 and 1958 accordingly), nowadays the governmental projects on further legalization of escorting according to the Dutch-German way are intensively discussed.

The main problem the governments face is the demand for escort services. And where there’s demand, there’s supply. There are not many countries in Europe where the punishment for the clients of escorts is stipulated. In Slovakia, for example, it is possible to get into prison if one had intimacy with an escort.

There are several ways for girls who want to work in escorting business. It is possible to work independently. An independent escort should find clients and arrange the meeting by herself. She takes care of advertizing, negotiations with the clients; she should discuss all issues with clients. But a lot of escorts work in European escort agencies like that post their ads and arrange the dates of escorts and clients. The agency assumes all organizational moments. Thanks to the competent control, the agency effectively provides escorts with work. It is 2 main ways providing escort services in European countries.

It is difficult to say exactly how many girls work as escorts or companions, because some of them are illegal migrants. Besides, the authorities provide the statistics based on figures of arrests and prosecutions, but nongovernmental organizations dealing with escorts provide the statistics which is completely different from the governmental one.  According to the EUROPAP regional reports there are 60,000 escorts in Italy; 80,000 – in the UK; 25,000 – in Holland; 15,000 – in Greece; 12,000 – in Belgium, etc.

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