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Hotel Claude

Posted on August 30, 2011 by Philip Schwarz under Hotels

Hotel Claude, Marbella, Spain

I stayed at the Claude in May 2011 (early part of the European tourism high season) while working in Gibraltar.

Who Stays There

Couples on first and second honeymoons; families with kids.


Any female companion who has a pulse will be instantly turned on as soon as they step inside the Clause; it’s a romantic boutique-style hotel with around 10 rooms, all situated around a spectacular, bright atrium.

Recommended Room/Suite

I recommend the Francesca suite, or failing that, the Flammant room at the top of the building. I stayed in both during my 4-day stay, and the staff were very good at allowing us to upgrade from the Flammant to the Francesca when it (unexpectedly) became available.


Breakfast is served on the top deck with a lovely view of Marbella old town. Wifi in all rooms, although I couldn’t stay connected very long. No spa onsite, but complimentary access to a nearby wellness center.


Both rooms I stayed in were sound-proof enough, but I did hear some noises from the other rooms while I was in the central atrium, so your mileage may vary.
Be aware that this is a small, intimate boutique hotel, and it’ll be best if you check-in along with your companion. It wouldn’t really be possible to sneak in a girl you just met without the staff finding out. If you are looking for a hotel where you can arrange a quick outcall in Marbella, I can recommend the more anonymous Punte Romano by the beachfront.

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