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Exposed! European Escorts Tell All

Posted on February 19, 2017 by admin under Eurocourtesans News, Uncategorized

It’s not often that one gets a glimpse into the world of high-class escorts unless you’ve had the privilege to spend time with one. And even then it’s not always that they’ll open up about their lives, who they are, and what exactly it is that they do. Many escorts prefer to keep their business lives private, for their own sake as well as their clients’, but we’ve got an exclusive glimpse into the lives of two European escorts who were willing to open up about almost everything.

Katya and Bridget (names have been changed for privacy purposes) are two European escorts who work with some of the most high-profile clients in Europe and around the world. From royalty to the upper echelon of the business and finance worlds, these two women have seen, heard, and done things the rest of us might not even believe and they’ve shared their stories in their own words.

I grew up in Notting Hill, one of the best neighborhoods in London. My father was a diplomat, which could have meant anything but as a girl I thought he must be one of the most powerful men in the world. He was always traveling to far-off countries and he’d bring me trinkets from Thailand, China, Argentina, places like that. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized my father might not have been exactly who he seemed.

My parents always held lavish parties to host my father’s business associates and I was usually banished to my room. Then one night not long after my 18th birthday my parents asked me to stay for one of the parties. I was thrilled. I spent hours on my hair and makeup and when I came down the stairs all eyes were on me. I was drunk on that power before I even had my first sip of champagne.

One of my father’s colleagues, a very dangerous and sexy looking Colombian man, cornered me in the hallway and kissed me, hard. We slipped into the bathroom and before I knew it I was so turned on that we ended up having sex. When he finished he gave me an awkward hug and left 300 pounds on the counter. I was speechless.
He had no idea who I was.

It was then that I realized that I liked this. During university I worked part time for a high-class escort agency in London and even though I graduated with a very marketable degree, I still work for them. I choose my own hours, who I work with, and where. Tomorrow night I’m flying to Bahrain to meet with someone very important. His name? Obviously I can’t tell you that.

I was born and raised in Ukraine and I was fortunate enough to have parents with good jobs so they could send me to school where I learned English. Ukraine hasn’t always been a nice place to live and I know I’m more fortunate than most. I was fluent in English by the time I was in university and one day a woman approached me on the street and asked if I were interested in a job in London. She took me out for coffee and explained everything. She held nothing back. She said, “You’re beautiful, you’re smart, you speak English, my clients love European escorts that look like you.”

I told her I was willing to give it a try for one month but with no guarantees and she agreed. I told my parents I was going to visit a friend in London for a while but I saw my first client the day after I landed. He was handsome, an American businessman of some sort, who was fascinated with my accent and, well, pretty much everything else about me. I made more money in those two hours than I think my parents do in two days. I flew back to Ukraine to close up my apartment and collect some things, and to tell my parents goodbye. They think I work in finance.

Since a lot of my clients are from the upper crust of the finance world I guess they’re not totally wrong.

So what do you think? Is this what you thought the lives of high-class escorts would be like? Maybe you’ll just have to find your own Bridget or Katya and find out for yourself.

Passionate And Intimate Time With Escorts In London!

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Our minds and bodies require a lot more than just the basics. If you are single or haven’t enjoyed real pleasures in a while, you should probably listen to the signals of your body. In London, you have the choice of going for a paid date with one of the hot escorts. Before you start with ideas, here are some things that would help in enjoying the best fun.

Paid dates for your pleasure
Escorts are professional girls, who work with limited clientele and often have a higher end lifestyle. These girls please men with all the right things, and all you have to do is make a request. Most of the ladies can be hired for an hour or more, and you can expect to get naughty and sensuous with her with as much intimacy as you want. Some of the girls are just hired for being casual dates. Even if you aren’t ready for some action on the bed, the fun doesn’t really stop even on a regular date. From sipping a few glasses of your regular wine to enjoying a simple evening at a club, you can pretty much get it all.

The amazing GFE service
Ever wondered how fun it would be to have a real girlfriend? You don’t need to miss anything because many models do offer the girlfriend experience, also known as GFE. Basically, it isn’t an one-sided affair with your date. Instead, you will be indulging in reciprocal sexual pleasure, which is much more exciting to say the least. She won’t be a regular girl who is hooking for money, but instead would be on emotional intimacy, heart-to-heart talks and much more. If you are interested in personal interaction and real conversations with your girl, this is by far the best choice to have.

The wonderful time on the weekend with London escorts
‘I was on my couch waiting for my pizza. That’s when I found the London escorts. I checked a girl on their website and called her for a meeting at the earliest. Just when I thought the pizza had arrived, it was my girl waiting at the door. On her perfect body, the red satin dress seemed to have glided on smoother than butter. I could see her big assets and cleavage to some extent, which instantly turned me on. I was more than curious to find out how she would start the conversation. To my surprise, we started off with some wine and silly stuff, and soon enough, I found myself hooked. For the next three hours, she massaged me at all the right places, and I don’t remember the number of times we made out and kissed passionately. In fact, she was all ready to go, when I had to ask for one more hour, because I wasn’t just done yet.’
This can be your story of fun and indulgence. Many escorts are known to be professionals and they know all the things that matter for men. If you haven’t tried indulging in a relationship without commitment or haven’t tried going out on a blind date with just genuine assurance of having fun, this is something for you.

Get high on tantric massages
Most men love tantric poses, which are just about getting pleased and intimate moves. Many of the escorts are experts at getting a high for their clients. They can touch your body in the right places, allowing you explore the fun side of sexual pleasures in a more unique way. These girls also know the things that most men expect. If you have liked a girl on a website and want her to come down to you in a sexy red dress and even more revealing lingerie, you can always ask for the same. Agencies and escorts work in coordination to ensure that their clients are always happy. No matter how passionate you are feeling at the moment, these girls are here to please and they can bring you a lot of soothing things, including massages. After a boring day at work or on a lazy weekend, there is nothing more fun than getting intimate in real ways.

Indulge in duo services
Ever heard of duo escorts? Basically, there are many girls who double up to offer more fun for the client. Instead of getting just one escort, you can ask for two girls, who will be just interested in giving you real pleasures. These girls are great on fun, and they always have amazing things to talk about. Duo services are rather very fun, especially for men who haven’t tried threesome fun and have been missing the action for their little soldiers. It must be noted that not all escorts work as duos. Some are just very focused on offering ‘one to one’ personal sessions, while duo entertainment can be all about getting wild.

Please, tease and get high – Check these tips

If you are looking for escort services in London, you have to be extra careful with the agencies. It is best to choose an agency that’s well versed with the needs of the clients and can offer escorts for all needs. From blondes to Asian and brunettes, you can find many options. Also, most professional services have their websites, where you can find all the details, including the listing of the girls and their real pictures. This just simplifies the entire task of choosing the right girl, and you can instantly call for a long session.

Escorts are also hired for a number of other reasons as well. If you have a party and want to spice up the entire fun, you can hire these girls to get some serious pleasures of the guests. As pure arm candies for special needs, these girls can ensure a lot of enjoyable actions both for you and your guests. Keeping in mind that you are looking to go beyond basic dating, these girls give the bliss of having a girlfriend without the tantrums!

Escort date in Berlin – experience sparkling moments

Posted on July 27, 2016 by admin under Eurocourtesans News, Uncategorized

Germany’s capital Berlin is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, but many people also come here on business. As varied as the offers in terms of catering and night life may be, all that is simply just half the fun on your own. Far away from home, it is also rather difficult to spontaneously get to know a pretty lady who is on the same wavelength straight away. So why not just arrange an escort date? Perhaps some of you have already considered this idea. But the plans often fail when it comes to the question how the escort lady could be organized. After all, everything should be reliable and done fairly – because not everyone fancies grubby establishments.

Transparency and style are essential

Of course, numerous offers are to be found on the internet. But here too, the customer does not always know what he can eventually really expect. Many online portals are not actually giving the impression that everything here is transparent. Nonetheless, transparency is the essential thing. Nobody would like to buy „a pig in the poke“. Of course this also applies to erotic services in Berlin. With the sums that become due for an escort date, the customer has the right to know beforehand what he can exactly expect.

Therefore, it should be possible to gain a most exact impression of the desired lady. The Agency Escort 77 from Berlin is setting the best example here. Each lady presents herself on the website with a detailed profile. In addition to numerous photos stylishly put into the spotlight, background information on the ladies’ preferences is included and a few personal things are also revealed. Therefore, the chances are very good that there will finally really be a good chemistry between those involved.

Discretion is very important

Of course it is also important that the person visiting the capital can rely on the fact that no one else will find out about his erotic adventure. Even if no partner or wife is waiting at home, most men are probably rather not keen on reports about their escort date making the rounds in Berlin. Therefore, the highest degree of discretion is an obligation for a reliable escort agency. For example, Escort77 guarantees that the customer data will only be stored as long as it is necessary for the settlement of the date. The data can be deleted on the next day at the latest.

Another topic in this context is the appearance of the ladies on the spot. If the date takes place in a hotel, as it is usually the case, a fashionable moderate appearance of the escort lady is advisable. After all, even if most Berlin hotels have no problem with this, there is no need to cause curious glances. If the customer explicitly wishes that his escort lady wears tight and sexy clothes, it can of course also be arranged.

What separates an escort date from a brothel?

People who have not yet intensively dealt with this topic might have the mistaken belief that escort in Berlin is on the same level as a visit to a brothel. But the one thing must be very clearly separated from the other. While the focus is exclusively on fast sex in a brothel – an escort date offers much more than just quick sex drive satisfaction. An escort date is pleased to accompany her customer to a business dinner or a stylish candlelight dinner for two. The escort ladies, who are often students, also move confidently on every dance floor as an eloquent company at parties or other events.

While the ambience of a typical brothel does not appeal to everyone, you get the feeling of an authentic date in a pleasant environment with an escort date. Additionally, most of the ladies only work as an escort in Berlin in their spare time, in order to earn extra money through erotic dates. Therefore, you notice the fun they are having in doing so! In general: An escort date may lead to sex, but does not necessarily have to.

Escort in Berlin – what costs can be expected

Anyone who has so far never booked an escort girl or has so far not done this in Berlin will of course think about what budget has to be planned for such a date. There is no general answer concerning this, but of course there are certain guidelines. For example, surveys in Germany’s five largest cities have shown that the Escort Service in Berlin with an average of 140 Euro for the first hour is the most favorable. Even dates starting from 90 Euro per hour are possible. The arrival of the escort lady is normally already included in the price, whereas certain extras such as tongue kisses may be charged extra. The best would be to already discuss these points when arranging the date, to prevent possible misunderstandings at a later stage.

Escort77 Berlin – the reliable agency in the capital

The agency Escort77 enjoys an excellent reputation in the German capital and beyond. The sophisticated and charming ladies work here on an independent basis and are offered an appealing platform in order to introduce themselves in detail on the website. The wide selection offers the perfect escort girl for every taste. Transparent information regarding the prices helps to prevent disappointments. Everyone knows what is going on from the start and can concentrate completely on the joyful anticipation of an evening full of sparkling moments.

Vienna, Austria – Best things to do and the best places

Posted on August 17, 2014 by admin under Eurocourtesans News, Hotels, Uncategorized

Hi, I am Sofia Ivanova, high class independent escort in Vienna, Austria.

Vienna is the 7th largest city by population within city limits in the European Union. Until the beginning of the 20th century it was the largest German-speaking city in the world and before the splitting of the Austro-Hungarian empire in first world war. the city had 2 million inhabitants. But let’s not talk about things that you can easily also find on Wikipedia.

It’s my first blog for this great website so I want to write something different, I want to present Vienna from the point of view of an escort lady that lives in this wonderful European city.

I arrived in Vienna few days before New Year’s day 2013 and I feel blessed that I took this decision as I discovered later it was one of the best from my life. Wonderful people, nature, streets, traffic, shops, restaurants, museums, pools and their entire system.

I will try to make a list with things that you can do when you visit Vienna but because I’m a high class escort I will write a list with TOP things to do in Vienna beside a luxury companion lady. So if you decide to visit Vienna and book an elite escort for a longer meeting, you don’t have to be nervous because you don’t know the city and what to do. Doing some of this things will make your girlfriend experience to be unforgettable.

1. I love sweets in the morning because it gives me a lot of energy for all day so for me it would be perfect to drink a coffee at Hotel Sacher and to enjoy their Sachertorte (chocolate cake) which is famous in all world. From the 18th century the receipt could be find in receipt books with Austrian and Viennese food. Sweet lovers don’t miss this point when visiting Vienna.

2. A walk in the city center will give the chance to you and your partner to have a nice dialogue about Vienna’s history and to visit one of the best attractions from Vienna: St. Stephen’s Cathedral also named Stephansdom which will impress you with the Gothic style, also you can go to the roof with the elevator to admire Vienna’s old buildings next to the city center which I find pretty romantic.

3. The city center is full of shops so if you want to buy a nice present for your partner I can recommend you the Agent Provocateur shop, be 100 % sure that she will appreciate your good tastes and the quality, also this will give you in the evening the opportunity to see her dressed in exactly that type of lingerie that you like. Don’t worry if you feel that you can not choose lingerie, there are shops for all tastes and pockets so you can buy other things also.

4. Do&Co Restaurant is a great place to have lunch, the view to St. Stephen’s Cathedral will transform a simple lunch in a special moment for you two. Their menu is various so you have from where to choose and the services are at a high level just like the women that is next to you.

5. Instead of Do&Co you can choose for lunch also another amazing restaurant which is Kahlenberg Cafe’Restaurant, a place with a stunning view of the whole Vienna. All the time when I’m there I feel special and this is the way everybody should feel because it’s a place to visit at least once in life and be sure that your partner will appreciate it.

6. If you are planning to take your lady to a fancy and new restaurant than I can recommend you the Kussmaul Restaurant, which is new opened and in my opinion the best from Vienna to spend great time in the evening. The design of the restaurant, services, food and drinks are at the highest level. The chef is always there for you in case you want to eat something special, also there is a sommelier that can advise you about the wine. Go there and you will see that I was right, high class are the 2 words that can describe this restaurant.

After enjoying your day and having an amazing dinner I am sure that hotel apartment will be the right place to continue your evening. Elegant dress, luxury lingerie and hot body of your partner plus a glass of wine should make the left hours before sleep to be unforgettable.

Vienna is famous for the history of the city so you will always have new places to visit so next time I will try to give you another tips about places that you should not miss when you visit this wonderful city.

Best regards,

Sofia Ivanova

Independent Vienna Escort

European Escorts’ Standards and Statistics: Differences and Similarities of Companionship Services in Europe

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Nowadays different countries and cultures have diverse relation to adult services. Some countries consider it as a normal phenomenon and a legal type of business activity, others — as a violation of law or even a crime. Almost all countries of European countries refused an absolute prohibition of adult services, because they have recognized it ineffective.

According to the review of Associated Press in 2010, providing adult services is forbidden in the following European countries outside the CIS: Albania, Iceland, Lithuania, Norway, Romania, Sweden and all countries of the former Yugoslavia. In the rest of European countries it is partially legal (with a list of restrictions set by the national legislation of the specific country). According to Wikipedia, escorting and providing adult services are legal and governmentally regulated in eight European countries: the Netherlands, Turkey, Germany, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and Latvia.

The Netherlands and Germany are further than all other European countries in the way of legalization of escorting — in these countries providing adult services is a legal type of business included into the tax system and the social security. However, having analyzed the experience of the previous years, the authorities of these countries incline to such type of business is quite specific and it needs certain restrictions. But in the countries where the legislation of providing adult services was restrained (for example, France and Italy where brothels are forbidden since 1946 and 1958 accordingly), nowadays the governmental projects on further legalization of escorting according to the Dutch-German way are intensively discussed.

The main problem the governments face is the demand for escort services. And where there’s demand, there’s supply. There are not many countries in Europe where the punishment for the clients of escorts is stipulated. In Slovakia, for example, it is possible to get into prison if one had intimacy with an escort.

There are several ways for girls who want to work in escorting business. It is possible to work independently. An independent escort should find clients and arrange the meeting by herself. She takes care of advertizing, negotiations with the clients; she should discuss all issues with clients. But a lot of escorts work in European escort agencies like that post their ads and arrange the dates of escorts and clients. The agency assumes all organizational moments. Thanks to the competent control, the agency effectively provides escorts with work. It is 2 main ways providing escort services in European countries.

It is difficult to say exactly how many girls work as escorts or companions, because some of them are illegal migrants. Besides, the authorities provide the statistics based on figures of arrests and prosecutions, but nongovernmental organizations dealing with escorts provide the statistics which is completely different from the governmental one.  According to the EUROPAP regional reports there are 60,000 escorts in Italy; 80,000 – in the UK; 25,000 – in Holland; 15,000 – in Greece; 12,000 – in Belgium, etc.

Pickup: Seduction of Men

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Every escort girl knows practically everything about the art of flirtation, but it is not enough to win the heart of a man. Escort girls need the wide range of different tricks and hints to gain the respect and adoration of the man. So today we are going to speak about pickup. The female pickup is the art which is hidden even more than the male pickup. It is connected with that such behavior of escort lady is considered indecent. And still there are some secrets of pickup…

Effective method of seducing the man is pickup.

If thousands of articles, trainings and researches are devoted to the pickup of women, the pickup of men unfairly remains in the shadow. It is unfair! Because all escort ladies also want to tempt and seduce. The scientists have conducted a small research and it they found out that there are a lot of schools and trainings that provide information and practicing how to pick up men. The instructors are men.

The female pickup is the real science, and it is even more difficult than the male pickup. Because the male pickuper usually pursues the aim how to incline the escort girl to sleep with him, female pickupers are divided into those who look for one-time sex and those who seek the long-term relations. The techniques and methods of pickup are differs according to these two aims.

Nevertheless, there are also general principals which are important for both types pickup. So, let us look through the secrets which pickup experts can share with us.

If we speak about the hair of escort ladies, they have to be long, and it is not very important what the quality is. The long earrings are more preferable.

The posture and bearing are very important. It is very sensual and attracts men’s attention. If the escort woman sits down in such a way, the man absolutely involuntarily will look at her. She should have slightly mydriatic pupils, rosy face skin, short skirt, long legs and shoes on high heels.

Grace of the escort woman and her manners are very important for pickup. For example, it is very pleasant when the escort woman doesn’t twitch, but calmly strokes a hand. Also language of body and gestures, level of pheromones are important. So, when we like someone, the body starts to emit a large quantity of pheromones.

The main target of pheromones is that it changes some physiological indicators. The pupils became mydriatic, eyes start shining, and lips swell. As a result, the escort girl becomes more attractive, and it evokes the interest of men. This is frequently recommended by escort photographers who make great photos! Just look at the photos of elite escort agency City Butterflies at – you will notice the technique is often employed by the girls. By the way, there are many ways to increase the level of pheromones. For example, during a long period you can drink a St. John’s Wort glass a day or drink stimulating beverages, coffee, tea, alcohol, or eat chocolate. Also physical exercises, imagination will help to increase the level of pheromones and to help to become more attractive to men.

The breast of the escort is also important. But breast has to be moved a little forward. If the escort girl can not go in such a way, it will not attract men’s attention.

When the escort lady laughs together with the man she likes, it will help to become closer. Using it, it is possible to tempt the man.

Gestures. To be more feminine, it is possible to put hands in pockets. Thus, you open the breast.

It isn’t necessary to speak about problems, about the use of alcohol or drugs.

Use these secrets of pickup and win the hearts of men you like!

Hotel Claude

Posted on August 30, 2011 by Philip Schwarz under Hotels

Hotel Claude, Marbella, Spain

I stayed at the Claude in May 2011 (early part of the European tourism high season) while working in Gibraltar.

Who Stays There

Couples on first and second honeymoons; families with kids.


Any female companion who has a pulse will be instantly turned on as soon as they step inside the Clause; it’s a romantic boutique-style hotel with around 10 rooms, all situated around a spectacular, bright atrium.

Recommended Room/Suite

I recommend the Francesca suite, or failing that, the Flammant room at the top of the building. I stayed in both during my 4-day stay, and the staff were very good at allowing us to upgrade from the Flammant to the Francesca when it (unexpectedly) became available.


Breakfast is served on the top deck with a lovely view of Marbella old town. Wifi in all rooms, although I couldn’t stay connected very long. No spa onsite, but complimentary access to a nearby wellness center.


Both rooms I stayed in were sound-proof enough, but I did hear some noises from the other rooms while I was in the central atrium, so your mileage may vary.
Be aware that this is a small, intimate boutique hotel, and it’ll be best if you check-in along with your companion. It wouldn’t really be possible to sneak in a girl you just met without the staff finding out. If you are looking for a hotel where you can arrange a quick outcall in Marbella, I can recommend the more anonymous Punte Romano by the beachfront.

Welcome to Eurocourtesans Blog

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Welcome to Eurocourtesans Blog.

Please watch this space for the most exciting development in Escorting since the Internet was invented.

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