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Eurocourtesans.com is the only escorting website which focuses exclusively on the top-end of the escort market.

If you are a client who appreciates quality, and wishes to discover the very best female companions in the world, then I invite you to enjoy all the site has to offer.

Happy Escorting!

Philip Schwarz

Editor, Eurocourtesans.com

What Makes Eurocourtesans Different?

  • A Magazine, not a Directory Other escorting sites are just advertising directories, Eurocourtesans is a full-blown escorting magazine.
  • Focus on the Quality End of the Escort Market Only Other escorting sites will present any lady who pays them. Eurocourtesans only presents ladies at the top-end of the market. We give top ladies and agencies free exposure if we think you should know about them.
  • High-Quality Content to Bring You All You Need for the Perfect Date This site gives you tips not just on the best escorts, but also the best restaurants, the best hotels and the best events. Eurocourtesans makes the escorting hobby a glamorous, satisfying, enjoyable experience, and improves your chances of having a High-quality meeting.

Most Popular Features

  • Country and City Escort Guides Every major business destination in the world is covered by our guides, ensuring you get the best experience possible.
  • Escorting Calendar Keeps you up-to-date with every tour from a High-Class Escort, as well as the best cultural, sporting and business events in the world.
  • Escort Blog Our open-blogging platform allows top clients and escorts to voice their opinions, experiences and analysis, as well as the latest news from the escorting world.
  • Showcase The Best Escorts in The World Eurocourtesans presents only the very top-end of the global escorting profession. When you need a courtesan and not just an escort, this is the first place to look.

Who Writes For Eurocourtesans?


Eurocourtesans provides the most original, useful and entertaining content on the subject of High-Class Escorting.

Below is a list of our current contributors. Click on each name to be taken to their profile and a list of their articles.

Become a Contributor

Eurocourtesans is open to anyone involved in the escorting community who is passionate about High-Quality Escorting.

If you are a client, an escort or an agency owner, you have an interesting point of view, and you wish to become a contributor, then please get in touch!

How is Eurocourtesans Funded?

Like any journalistic organization, there are funding costs: mostly the time of the contributors.

Eurocourtesans is advertiser-funded, but we make the firm promise never to accept adverts from escorts who are of low-quality.

That means no escorts with fake pictures, no escorts with consistently bad reviews, and no escorts who aren't capable of providing you with a courtesan experience.

Eurocourtesans Staff & Contributors

Philip Schwarz

Editor of Eurocourtesans

About Me

41-years young American based mostly in Europe, but I travel all over world. I prefer to meet up with women the conventional ways, and always try to work my charm in bars, clubs and the offices of my clients.

If I don't have enough time to win over ladies the normal way (which is most of the time), I will meet up with escorts, and prefer them to be as classy as possible.

Unfortunately, there isn't always enough information on the web to make a good choice, so like most hobbyists, I have had some mixed experiences, especially early on in this hobby.

So, I decided to start this website, to help guys like you and me enjoy our hobby to the full, while showcasing the top end of escorting talent!

More About Me...

Job Consultant (Finance)
Dream Jobs Writer, DJ
Car Whatever I can rent at the airport
Hobbies / Interests Surfing, Golf, Cinema, DJing, Dance Music, Classical Music
Languages English, very bad German, even worse Spanish


Holiday Destinations St. Tropez, Dubrovnik, Punta del Este, St. Barths, Malta, Ibiza, Davos
Cities Prague, Zurich, Rome, Santiago, Gold Coast
Hotel The Giri in Ibiza
Restaurant Icebergs in Sydney
Food Persian, Brazilian
Drink Fine wine, Czech beer, Rakia

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